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​​​Dileepkumar Thankappan 

Spiritual Journey of a Yogi

Guruji's mother, the late D. Kanakamma, was a upper primary school teacher at the Government Palace Girls High School in Tripunithuira, Kerala, India. She is from the Shrambikkal House which belongs to a Hindu family (Kavil) from Chennithala. His father, the late Dr. T. Thankappan, was a supervisor at the telephone department of the Government of India. He is from the Perakathu House which belongs to an Orthodox Christian family (Nadayil) from Chennithala. His elder brother, T. Prakash, is a retired employee from the EME Branch of the Indian Army. Currently, his Sister, Advocate Latha. T. Thankappan, is a pleader at the High Court of Kerala and the Secretary of the National Lawyers Union.

As an interfaith/inter-religious married couple, Thankappan and Kanakamma did not receive support from their families. She was totally neglected from her relatives as well as her husband's family due to her religion and skin color. Somehow they handled their life through their hard work and support from the general public. They received a very small salary from their jobs and with that they were able to send their children to regular schools and colleges. Additionally, they encouraged their children to participate in sports, games, arts, music, dance, community services and other extra curricular activities. Thankappan would save most of the money he earned and Kanakamma would spend all her earnings to support their family needs. Kanakamma was very helpful to many children in her school and other members from their home town of Tripunithura. She was supporting poor children with their educational fees, as well as food, clothing and other expenses, which meant that she would not have been able to save any money for her own children's future. 

Thankappan's family demanded him to separate from his wife (Kanakamma) and he did for eight years. From the initial shock, Kanakamma ended up with a heart problem and doctors had given her a prognosis of a few months to live. As a doctor of homeopathy and alternative medicines, Thankappan was not ready to give up on her. They both returned to the practice of yoga in their home, in addition to following proper health food guidelines. Kanakama was treated with homeopathic and natural remedies by her husband. On December 25th, 1968, Thankappan gave a birth day gift to Kanakamma. That gift was "Guruji," who was unexpected. Thankappan was not planning to have another child and asked Kanakamma to abort the child. But Kanakamma was not someone who would give up her child. Because of the incongruent viewpoints, an argument occurred between Thankappan and Kanakamma. 

Kanakamma went to visit a few saints (Sidha Yogi Prabhakarji, Guru Nitya Chiatanya Yeti and Sathya Sai Baba) and had a discussion with them about her pregnancy. Those saints strongly suggested to her, "Do not kill the baby, he will be a yogi and he has some mission to do on this earth." She shared this news with her very close friends and they all supported her to have a new baby. According to Vedic astrology, Guruji was born in 1969, on the early morning of Chithira Star during the month of Chingam in Tripunithura, Kerala, India. Little Guruji, who received the path of yoga from his mother's womb, had a great time with numerous saints, yogis, spiritual masters and well known musicians and dancers from an early age. He became a member at the St. Mary's Syrian Jacobite Church (Nadamel Church) in Tripunithura.

When Guruji was around three and a half years old, their rented house caught fire and Guruji was left behind in the house. Somehow his sister remembered her little brother and immediately ran into the house, took Guruji's feet and dragged him out of the fire. Guruji was looking at the fire and wondered how it started. It was later discovered that the fire was created by the home owner's son in attempt to get rid of their tenants. Guruji was the youngest child in the neighborhood and he got so much love from the community members. After 6 months, they bought a new house in Mekkara, Thekkumbhakam, Tripunithura and started a new life there.

Guruji went to a Catholic school (St. Mary's Lower Primary School) from the age of one and a half until end of the 4th grade. He was very active in sports, games, dance and other extra curricular activities as well as competitions. It was at this point, in 1979, where he began to teach yoga asanas to his fellow classmates and the sports team. He then went on to study at the Government Sree Rama Varma Upper Primary School in Cochin City for one and a half years, where he was an active member at the "Science Club" and "The Bharat Scouts and Guides," and afterwards attended Government Boy's High School in Tripunithura. In this school, he became popular as a sportsman, quiz competitor, work experience activist and the secretary of the Science Club. From the 7th grade onwards, he began representing his school in District and State level competitions for games and sports. He received certificates for 100, 200, 400, 800 and 5000 meters races, high jump, long jump, hurdles, javelin throw, cricket, soccer, volleyball, chess, Kho Kho, Kabadi, shuttle badminton and much more!

When he was in the 8th grade, he joined the National Cadet Corps (N.C.C) - Junior Division, Army Wing and earned positions (ranks) as a corporal and sergeant. He attended a few Annual Training Camps with N.C.C, along with voluntary activities, republic day and independence day parades in his city. In 1984, he was selected for the Southern State level Rock Climbing Training Camp in Neyyardam, Trivandrum. There he visited the Sivananda Ashram and had great time with Swami Vishnudevananda and his mother. Additionally, he was selected as a volunteer captain for the State level competitions for children with special needs. He received certificate "A" (part I and II certificates) from the N.C.C. in 1985.

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